Why Singletrack Colorado?

Taking an overseas mountain biking holiday is a big investment of time, money and expectations. While over 30 of our guests have returned to us for another tour of Colorado and Moab (which is something we’re very proud of), many considering a U.S singletrack mountain bike holiday will be looking to do it once and will want the most they can from that investment.

We’re confident that we can make your investment of time, money and expectations and turn it into one of the best experiences of your life – something you’ll look back on for years to come and think “wow, that was an incredible experience!”. We’re confident of that because we’ve done it for more than 240 guests since 2007. How do we do it?

Our Experience & Knowledge

We know Colorado and Moab. Some of our staff have been guiding in Colorado and Moab since 2004, that’s even before our very own Singletrack Colorado was born in 2007. In 2017, between our head guide and our 2IC, we’d spent more than 650 days guiding mountain bikers across Colorado and Moab’s best trails for two weeks at a time. This doesn’t just mean we know the trails like the backs of our hands, but also that we keep up to date with new trail developments and that we know awesome alternatives if a trail isn’t able to be ridden for any reason.


Our tour is fully arranged, fully guided, and supported by a van and driver. First of all, this means you are able to ride trails that you wouldn’t be able to without a driver, because our driver can drop us off at one end of the trail and pick us up at the other end, or transport our gear to the next town ready for our arrival. It means you don’t waste time trying to find the trailhead, or need to worry about getting lost halfway through an epic ride. It also means you don’t have to deal with logistics like getting to and from the airport, or booking rental cars and hotels. Just ride – we’ll take care of the rest!

Our tour takes you to several of the biggest towns in mountain biking, like Crested Butte and Moab, as well as famous rides like Monarch Crest.

A Shared Experience

On a Singletrack Colorado tour you get to ride with a group of great people who share your passion for riding. Obviously, amazing riding is at the top of anyone’s list when planning a mountain bike holiday, but if you can’t share the experience with a group of like-minded people, it’s our belief that it’s just not going to have the same meaning to it. Many of our guests find this to be a great, unexpected benefit of coming on our tour. You will start as strangers and end as friends – cheesy as that may sound, we’ve found it to be true over and over again. It also means that when you get back you’ve got a bunch of new mountain biking buddies all around the country, or indeed, the world!

The Combination of Rides, Towns and Accommodation

We’ve put together the best two-week itinerary possible – our tour takes you to several of the biggest towns in mountain biking, like Crested Butte, Salida and Moab. We’ve ridden heaps of rides in these towns and all over Colorado that aren’t on the itinerary. Why you ask? Because they don’t measure up. It’s worth noting that even without the mountain biking, these towns are worth visiting to get a feel of the United States and the wide variety of places and people contained in it. We also take price in the accommodation we choose – from Victorian era Bed and Breakfast and a hotel built in 1897, to good quality ski-condos  and modern apartments with big air conditioned shared areas in Moab. Hey, it’s a mountain biking tour, but we think getting a flavour of the place is all part of it too.

Our staff are recognised by our guests for riding without ego, giving useful advice about the trails and what to be aware of, while also letting riders to do their own thing.

Our Guides

We are good people. Our guiding staff are known for being good at what they do. Guiding well is more than being a fast or a skilled rider, or knowing the way, or ensuring the tour details are well organised. Those things are all necessary, but more than that, our staff are recognised by our guests for riding without ego, giving useful advice about the trails and what to be aware of, while also letting riders to do their own thing (be that fast or cruisy), but still keeping things safe and looking after people if they’re not having their best day on the bike. Most of our guides have also been professional mountain bike skills instructors, so if you would like, we can help you develop your riding, at your own pace. Our guides are absolutely key to making our trips what they are.


While we don’t often think about it, mountain biking can be dangerous, and when you’re a long way from civilization safety is crucial – that’s why all of our guides are first aid qualified, and we carry a satellite phone in case of emergencies.

“It is not inexpensive to go on this tour but once you experience the riding, accommodation, meals, friendship, views, beer, shopping, riding, … the cost is minimal.”
Karl Ratahi, Wellington, 2012 guest.