Tour Information

Our two-week tours of the Rockies and Moab are mountain bike holidays for intermediate to advanced mountain bikers. This doesn’t mean you have to be super-fit or be able to jump your bike off a garage roof (in fact we don’t recommend that), it just means that the trails in Colorado and Moab are proper mountain bike trails, not four wheel drive roads.

For more information on how technical the trails are, and how unfit you can be and still get away with it, see the frequently asked questions.

Tour Summary

We pick you up from Denver Airport and immediately transfer to a high Rocky Mountains town. We spend the next three days riding the area’s best forest and high alpine trails, before heading to Salida for some semi-arid rocky-riding, then an alpine epic of genuinely epic proportions.  Four days of wildflower covered trails in and around Crested Butte follow.

After that it’s onwards to Utah where we spend three days on the best trails in Moab before going back to the mountains for a final day of classic Colorado singletrack before driving back to Denver for the trip back home to New Zealand. Most of our riding days are between three and six hours, covering between 20 to 50 kms, with altitude gains and losses of between 400 and 1200 metres per day.


14 nights in excellent quality bed and breakfasts, condos and hotels are provided. Our accommodation is known for having a bit of luxury and a bit of character – no chain-motels here. Accommodation is twin share (couples have their own room and solo-travellers share with one other), unless you would like you’re own room, in which case talk to us…


Transport to and from Denver Airport is provided. Transport for you, your gear and your bike is provided throughout the holiday. We have a large comfortable 15 passenger van for you, and a large covered trailer with custom-built internal racks for our bikes and luggage.

Having two guides increases the ride options we have and allow the group to split into two smaller groups that can travel at a different pace.


Full guiding is provided throughout the two week holiday. We provide at least two guides per group of 7-12 guests. While our holidays are for intermediate to advanced mountain bikers, in our experience there can still be a wide variety of abilities and speeds within this category.

In fact, even the same rider can feel like riding at different paces on different days. Having two or more guides increases the ride options we have and allow the group to split into two smaller groups that can travel at a different pace, if this is what the group wants to do. For those who feel like cruising this means you won’t feel like you are holding up the fast ones in the group or feel like you are being left behind. And for those with a fire in your belly, you won’t feel like you are having your style cramped by those riding at a cruisier pace. In general, the rides are social, so it’s not a case of one group going at ‘World Cup’ pace and leaving the other group behind – we’re still on the same ride, and while we might ride sections of the trail at different paces, we’ll see each other a lot during the day’s ride.

In our experience, having two or more guides helps to ensure you have the best time on your holiday, and of course it increases the safety of the group when we are in the wilderness.


Breakfast: all breakfasts are provided. We provide a good mountain biker’s breakfast of eggs, cereal, yoghurt, fruit, toast, and juice. If you prefer to eat at a café for breakfast, there will be opportunities to do so.

Lunches: we leave lunches to you. Lunch will often consist of a sandwich or similar suitable for bringing with you on your ride. Trust us, you don’t want to eat energy bars for lunch for two weeks-euurghh. However, we know where we’ll be in Moab for lunch – the best organic/hippie café serving the freshest salads and the best lime-tequila pie in Utah!

Dinner: we provide a welcome dinner on Sunday night to relax with your fellow guests in an excellent local restaurant. For the rest of the holiday, you are free to do your own thing. We know the towns we visit on the tour well so we can direct you to the best local restaurants for excellent pizza & pasta, steaks and other American fare, along with Mexican food unlike you’ve ever had before – in a good way!. Luckily we also know a couple of really good Thai, Nepalese and Indian restaurants if you fancy something from other shores.
For more information on the cost of food and drinks in the United States, see the frequently asked questions section here.

“Pay your money, book a flight to Denver and get ready for 2 weeks of gold standard Colorado and Moab trail riding. No map reading, no wrong turns, no lame trails, no driving on the wrong side of the road, no hassles, just relax and enjoy a great riding holiday while Singletrack Colorado deals with all the logistics.”
Jeff Carter, owner of Southstar MTB Shuttles, Rotorua and former president of Mountain Bike New Zealand, 2011 tour.