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We’ve had a few magazine staff out with us over the years. Brett Kennedy, Editor of New Zealand’s Spoke Magazine came on tour in 2013 – check out what he had to say about it Spoke: On a higher plane. 

How about the story by Gaz Sullivan, head honcho at Nzo Active mountain bike clothing company, on one of our 2012 tours in Australian MTB magazine Flow: Flow magazine: States of Rapture (PDF) . Or check out this story from New Zealand Mountain Biker magazine from 2011: NZMTBR Rocky Mountain High (PDF).

Guest Testimonials

As of 2018 we’ve taken more than 250 guests to Colorado and we’re very proud to say every one of them had their expectations exceeded. We’re also proud of the fact that over the years more than 25 of those guests have chosen to come back and do it all over again (some of them three times!).  Below are a few thoughts from some of the guests from the last few years.

Pay your money, book a flight to Denver and get ready for 2 weeks of gold standard Colorado and Moab trail riding. No map reading, no wrong turns, no lame trails, no driving on the wrong side of the road, no hassles, just relax and enjoy a great riding holiday while Singletrack Colorado deals with all the logistics. Jeff Carter, owner of Southstar MTB Shuttles, Rotorua and former president of Mountain Bike New Zealand, 2011 tour.

For most of us the opportunity to take a trip like this only comes round once or twice, and when it does there is all sorts of hard work that goes into converting that opportunity into a reality. On top of everyday work, we train, we pay the bills, we take the precious annual leave, and we might even get that new bike we’ve always lusted for. For me, to find that my hard work in getting my arse to the start line is then rewarded ten-fold by the incredible trails, the spectacular locations, the amazing guides, and the first class behind-the-scenes logistics … what started as an opportunity, born out of a friendly conversation, has now become a milestone experience in my lifetime. Mike Christiansen, Palmerston North, 2012 tour.

This is a trip that will give a lifetime of memories. I highly recommend it to any mountain bikers living in Australia with no access to any real mountains (#indenial)  to book this trip. The trails, guides, accommodation, views and experiences were all fantastic. We had a fairly diverse group in terms of mountain bike skills but the crew did an amazing job in making sure we were all well catered for. A special thanks to “my” main guide Mike Metz (from Bike Culture, Rotorua), I didn’t stop absorbing and learning new skills trying to keep up the whole trip! The only problem now is living with the side effects from the Colorado trip: Sydney mountain biking just doesn’t compare!

David van Dorssen 2018 Colorado Guest.

We keep up to date with new trail developments and we know awesome alternatives if a trail is closed for any reason.

All the previous comments from past guests I heard and read re the amazing tracks, stunning vistas and well-organised logistics are 100% true. In addition to this I personally found the indulgence of living the MTB sub-culture (bike talk, in-jokes and back-slapping camaraderie) for 2 weeks solid to be very enjoyable indeed.  I traveled solo and can confirm that this is an ideal tour for those bikers not part of a couple or group. Ben Pearson, Nelson/Wellington, 2014 Guest

The tour was an opportunity to experience truly amazing, world-famous mountain bike trails with a group of people passionate about mountain biking. It can be hard to find people in everyday life who really “get” mountain biking so it was great to spend time with 12 / 13 people who are crazy about it. The fantastic guiding meant we could just relax and enjoy the terrain and scenery without wondering where to go next, what might be coming next that might be too difficult, or worrying that we might be lost. The après biking was a lot of fun and a great chance to escape real life! Kirstie Mackey, Auckland, 2011 tour.

I thought the whole trip was frikking excellent, thanks (heaps). Gregg Brown, Rotorua, President of Rotorua Mountain Bike Club, 2012 tour.

The tour rates as one of the best things I have ever done. To have such a great series of stunning rides in a two week period with a group of friendly, like-minded people was a wonderful holiday. Rob Kay, 2011 tour.

The tour challenged me physically and technically. I would recommend it to anyone and I would love to do it all again. Mike Metz, co-owner of iconic bike shop Bike Culture in Rotorua, 2011 tour. (he did do it all again, and again, returning in 2012 and then in 2015 to be our third guest to come out three times!)

More than just a mountain bike tour. I got a huge sense of achievement from it and recommended it to lots of mates – I also recommended they do plenty of training! Kath Metz, 2011 tour.

I’d highly recommend the tour to anyone who wanted to maximise the amount of Singletrack they get to ride in a short time. It was a great way to ride with a new group of riders with a couple of really professional guides to take the hassles out of everything. We would do it again next year if we can manage it. Alan and Liz Eskrick, Nelson, 2011 tour & again on a 2013 tour!

The way the trails were done I thought was great as each day gave you more confidence to tackle the following days trail and to attempt sections that you wouldn’t normally. We were very spoilt to have 3 fantastic guides who were an integral part of making the tour as much fun as it was. Their knowledge and their guidance on the trails was invaluable. Fiona McGaffin, Rotorua, 2012 guest

The experience you bring to the operation is what makes joining the tour a great way to go mountain biking in Colorado. Having done it the hard way (self guided many years ago) I can honestly say that Singletrack Colorado is a mountain biking holiday – we could really relax and focus on the riding. Often the work in the logistics and information gathering required to put something together on your own outweighs the effort of riding, and the payback. Gaz Sullivan, NZO Active clothing, Rotorua, 2012 guest.

“The fantastic guiding meant we could just relax and enjoy the terrain and scenery without wondering where to go next, what might be coming next that might be too difficult, or worrying that we might be lost.”
Kirstie Mackey, Auckland, 2011 tour.