After being sidelined by COVID since 2019, we are stoked that our 2023 tour was a great success! Get in touch now in preparation for our tour in July-August 2025!

The holiday of a life time…

Welcome to Singletrack Colorado. Our two-week mountain bike tour holidays have been designed to bring together the very best Colorado singletrack along with the cream of Moab’s unique mountain bike trails. We provide the accommodation, transport, trails and guiding; you provide the legs!

The singletrack in Colorado is some of the sweetest singletrack in the world. The Rocky Mountains of Colorado are home to miles and miles of well groomed and smooth single track trails, punctuated by rooty and rocky fun stuff, but always incredibly flowing. Steady climbs culminate in incredible vistas of the Rocky Mountains, before the trail heads down the other side in flowing singletrack that seems to go on forever.

Moab riding is like no other place on earth. The sandstone surface means you can ride up and down slopes that are so steep that you wouldn’t normally have a hope of getting up or down them (in one piece). Moab is right in Canyonlands National Park, think the Grand Canyon, but with more canyons.

Of course, you don’t need to ride every day, and Colorado and Moab have plenty of other activities if your legs need a rest. Read the itinerary, check out the photos, watch the video clips, read the testimonials, and talk to us about the riding. Then wangle two weeks off work and have the time of your life on some of the best mountain biking trails available in the world!

Since 2007 Singletrack Colorado has taken more than 200 passionate mountain bikers on the very best mountain bike trails in Colorado and Moab.

Take our word for it. But also, take these guys’ word for it too!

Brett Kennedy, Editor of Spoke Magazine came on tour in 2013, check out what he had to say about it:

I’m ripping on some of the best singletrack in the world. Altitude is my new best friend, delivering me to the top of massive scenic passes, 360 degree vistas of the Southern Rocky Mountains, snow-capped peaks as far as the eye can see, ribbons of dirt twisting and turning across flower-dotted meadows, squirrels darting in front of tyres, only the sound of whooping mountain bikers permeating the crisp, silent air. If I believed in heaven, this could well be it.


Our 2012 tour featured in Australian mountain bike magazine, Flow magazine: States of Rapture.

Travel is defined by the unknown – all that figuring-out you have to do in a new environment is part of the journey. First, you research the things you want to do, then you organise all the details required to make it happen and then you cross your fingers and take that plunge into the unknown. But this trip was about riding our bikes, and the luxury of having somebody else sort out the details seemed worth the investment.


Our two week holiday brings together the very best Colorado singletrack along with the cream of Moab’s unique trails.

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I highly recommend any mountain biker (especially any living in Australia with no access to any real mountains!) book this trip.
The trails, guides, accommodation, views and experiences were all fantastic. We had a fairly diverse group in terms of mountain bike skills but the Singletrack Colorado crew did an amazing job in making sure we were all well catered for.
A special thanks to “my” main guide Mike Metz, I didn’t stop absorbing and learning new skills trying to keep up the whole trip!
The only problem now is living with the Side effects from the Colorado trip; Sydney mountain biking just doesn’t compare!
David Van Dorssen, 2018 Colorado guest